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| About us

Green Pastures Rest Home is a registered Non-Profit Organization that strives to meet all the requirements of local and national legislation pertaining to accommodating and caring for the elderly and is managed by a Board of Trustees under the auspices of the Christian Brethren Company. The Home is a full member of SAAHA, the SA Association of Homes for the Aged.

Every effort is made to run the home on a sound financial basis, without placing a heavy financial burden on the elderly and their families. Our reasonable rates allow us to function as a Non-Profit Organization by putting all our income back into the operation in one way or another.

| Background

Green Pastures Rest Home was founded in 1966 and has grown from its humble beginnings in the then rural village of Durbanville, 30km from Cape Town, into a fully functional home for the elderly set amongst modern housing developments, now part of the Cape Town Metropole.

| we offer

Green Pastures Rest Home offers accommodation and services for the elderly to meet varying needs, particularly in the area of care. Purpose-built units cater for the needs of those living with Alzheimer’s disease and related Dementias.

| What we Do

We are run on the “Wellness – Illness” principle, with the emphasis on well-being, whilst illness or age-related conditions are cared for under the supervision of local medical practitioners, in support of our experienced staff. The well-being of our residents is enhanced by good housekeeping, laundry services, and catering, as well as social interaction. Our gardens and paths allow for safe outdoor activities for all our residents, including those in wheelchairs.


Green Pastures Rest Home places a high premium on safety and has all the necessary safety equipment in place. CCTV cameras monitor the entire main facility, whereas access at the main gate is controlled by a Security Officer during the day and electronically at night. Back-up systems for electricity and water supplies are fully functional in times of need.

Green Pastures Rest Home has maintained a homely atmosphere despite much growth over the past 54 years and has become known for its caring approach to the elderly based upon the Biblical principle of honouring our parents.


To create a supportive and caring environment for the elderly to enable them to enjoy a dignified quality of life


Green Pastures Rest Home is a selfless organisation providing affordable residential accommodation and frail care services for persons 60 years and older.



How long is the waiting list?


There is no definitive waiting period in that we place applicants in vacancies that are compatible with their needs and in the applicable department.  More information on this can be supplied during the application process


What is the difference between a Retirement Centre and an Old Age Home?


A retirement centre generally provides accommodation and limited services to independent seniors who can enjoy social interaction in a secure setting

An Old Age Home generally offers various categories of care to seniors. We have a limited number of bachelor flats for independent residents who can avail themselves of our full service, three meals a day, washing of laundry and weekly cleaning such as we provide to the majority of residents.


How do we determine the category of care?


The amount of care that is needed for Activities of Daily Living (ADL) is determined by a standardised assessment formula that we use on admission and thereafter annually, or when there is a significant change in the resident’s condition


What activities do we offer to the residents?


Various activities take place on a regular, or sporadic basis, particularly to enable residents to enjoy the outdoors. Departmental activities vary according to the capacity of residents to participate and in this we make use of our own staff or volunteers. Examples are; A knitting group, DVD sessions in the main lounge, church services during the week and small-group table games. Gardening is facilitated within the capacity of the resident


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