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Our facility consists of a main building with 3 extensions as well as a stand-alone unit specifically for the very frail. Flats are in an outside building but within a short walk to the main entrance. Other buildings on the property do not form part of the main operation and are independently owned under Life-Right

A pathway and road runs around the main facility and provides a safe walking route for mobile residents and those in wheelchairs. Benches are provided at various points on the walk-about route

In the main building we have a main lounge with TV, a separate area for private meetings and games, hairdressing salon and smaller lounges for each department

Bathroom facilities are generally shared.  Shower facilities are wheelchair friendly and spacious


  • 3 meals a day
  • Tea and coffee 4x daily
  • Cleaning
  • Laundry
  • Toiletries and adult diaper administration by bulk buying
  • Tuckshop
  • Management of medication from pharmacy to resident

Cost Outline

Dependent on care needed.

Monthly Fees are inclusive of VAT and include 3 meals per day, Teas, Housekeeping Services (Cleaning of Room and Laundry), and the administration of medication where applicable.

| Basic care

Fees are R9 300 for mobile and healthy residents who receive basic care services such as meals, laundry, and room cleaning and may include supervision of, or assistance with, bed-making, dressing, and showering. 

| Assisted Living

Care services of a basic nature are offered to mobile residents at
R11 600

| Full care

Where full care or special services are required a fee of R14 500 per month is applicable

| Bachelor Flat

(Totally independent) A limited number of serviced flatlets outside of the main building are available from R10 000 per month. Occupants have to be able to live independently and be able to come to the main buildings for meals.

| Minimal care

Assisted living services are offered for those requiring more than basic care at R10 300

| Part care

Part care is offered to frail residents, particularly to those who are physically frail or who suffer from the early stages Senile Dementia or Alzheimer’s disease at R12 800 per month.

| Maximum care

In situations that require maximum care a minimum fee R15 300 per month is applicable. This generally applies to very frail residents who are totally dependent on our services

Our Departments

Our departments are named after flowers

| Protea

| Hibiscus

| Jasmine

| Azalea

| Erica

| Rose


Example of single bedroom facilities

Example of lounge room for resident to enjoy


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